The KALFA project aims to develop artificial intelligence methods that will facilitate the use of Cobots in assembly scenarios, and human-robot interaction (IRE) capabilities that will support these robots to work in harmony and efficiently with workers.


The Roboroyale project aims to develop and combine micro-robotic, biological, and machine-learning technologies into a system that can support the well-being of the honeybee queen, which is responsible for the reproductive success and efficiency of a colony.


UP2030 aims to guide cities through the socio-technical transformation required to meet their ambitions for climate neutrality. UP2030 proposes that cities should themselves be at the center of the innovation approach to drive transformative change.


The LEGOFIT project aims to design, implement and validate an advanced and dynamic integrative approach to accomplish EPH based on smart and innovative solutions with a high scalability and replicability for building construction and renovation.


SnapEarth is an H2020-funded project that aims to facilitate access to Earth Observation data from the general public thanks to EO data labeling, indexation innovations, and access from the Qwant search engine.


Our research track in swarm robotics, funded by multiple EU/National projects, has been a pioneer in developing indoor and outdoor UAV/UGV swarm tracks.