Mehmet Mutlu from ANYbotics, Zurich, Switzerland will be the next guest on ROMER Talks on Wednesday, October 19th @10:00. The seminar will be held at ARC-210, Ayaslı Research Center. Please feel free to share and join us at the seminar.

Title: ANYbotics: Creating a Workforce of Autonomous Robots

Abstract: Mobile robots are gradually entering the job market to take over dangerous, dirty and repetitive tasks from people and bring superhuman precision. For the first time in history, advanced ocomotion capabilities of legged robots enable them to enter generic industrial work environments that are not specifically designed/simplified for robots. ANYmal is an autonomous quadrupedal industrial inspection robot designed and produced by ANYbotics AG, Switzerland. ANYbotics is a scale-up company that is a spin-off from ETH-Zurich. ANYbotics' end-to-end robotic solution automates industrial inspections.

ANYbotics' robots ANYmal and ANYmal X provide plant operators with the information to maximize equipment uptime and improve safety while reducing costs. In this talk, I will (i) introduce ANYbotics and ANYmal; (ii) zoom into electromechanical design of ANYdrive actuator subsystem of ANYmal; (iii) elaborate on verification and reliability tests for robust legged robots; and (iv) present a selection of explosion-proof product design techniques that are used in the World's first explosion-proof autonomous legged robot. The talk will offer a peephole into a world-leading robotics company and demystify the life of an R&D engineer in it.

Bio: Mehmet has received B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical and Electronics Engineering together with a minor degree in Mechatronics from Middle East Technical University, Turkey. He received a dual Ph.D. degree in Robotics, Control and Intelligent Systems from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL, Switzerland) and Instituto Superior Técnico Lisboa (IST-Lisbon, Portugal). He is currently the electrical design lead of ANYmal X project at ANYbotics AG. He is designing electromechanical hardware for the World's first explosion-proof quadrupedal industrial inspection robot.

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